Thursday, February 20, 2014

Busting a Plateau - Celebrating 100 lbs Lost

Well, I have plateaued at 100 lbs lost. Oh wait, I forgot to mention - I've lost 100 lbs !!! I am down to 183 and a size 12. I am ecstatic, grateful and happy. And, I am a lot smaller, but more importantly, healthier.

 I never expected to actually lose 100 lbs. I never planned that, or set that as a goal. I still haven't fully decided where I want to be. I just know I want to be healthy. And, I have pretty much achieved that goal. So, I took about a month or two off and kind of just chilled. Breaks, when losing a large amount of weight, are A-okay. They give your body and metabolism time to adjust.

 About 3 weeks ago I got back on the birth control pill. My body has handled it much better than it has in the past. This time I was just up-front with the people in my life. Let them know I might be moody or more sensitive for about a month. It really helped. I felt less pressure to "pretend to be okay" and just let myself be. Of course, I tried to keep my emotions in check, not lashing out in anger when I didn't mean to. So during that transition, I gained 5 lbs. I thought it might be the hormones, I wasn't sure, but sure enough one day I got on the scale and the 5 lbs were just gone. Water weight.

So, for those of you on this journey with me, don't freak out if suddenly you gain 5-10 lbs out of nowhere. Just be patient. Keep eating right. If after a few weeks it is still there, then keep a food journal for a few weeks to a month to make sure you are actually eating what you think and not more. Here are some awesome before and after losing 100 lb pictures to motivate you and me to keep fighting this battle.


So the question now is where do we go from here? That shall be my next blog post. I have a plan brewing. Now that I know I am capable of amazing things, I am ready and welcome whatever challenge I set for myself.  Stay tuned. 

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