Monday, March 24, 2014

Practice What You Preach

Not too much to write. Kidding. Just not enough time. Damn work. Okay I am definitely gaining weight. Time to step up. My eating habits are also not helping my energy levels, hormone levels, or pain levels. This is  what happens if you get lax. You tell yourself "I had a crappy day, I deserve this snickers".... Two months later your body decides "oh you think you can eat a snickers everyday and get away with it - guess what - boom you gained 10 lbs ". Okay then body, two can play this game. Drinking some herbal green and pomegranate iced tea and having a yummy Greek yogurt for breakfast. I will make sure to pack my lunch today so I don't have an excuse to go to Bill Millers (although they have some very healthy options - I have a hard time resisting their potato salad and bread) I'm not upset at all. I need the wake up calls, feedback from my body, to keep me motivated and on the right path. Carry on - I am.

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