Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Forward Motion in a Backward Moving World

Sometimes I get this strange feeling that I am moving forward and the world around me is moving backwards. You get hit with one negative thing after another and then out of nowhere you pull yourself together a little will power and you create something good. Something good is moving forward.

Well, two week into our healthy eating adventure and Sean has lost about 13-14 lbs and I have lost about 12. Convention says this must be water weight, which is explainable after gaining 50 lbs in 4 months. I expect that eventually the weekly weight loss will level off at something in the normal range like 1-2 lbs per week.

Eventually, I am going to have to start exercising. This is challenging for me physically and mentally, but it is a goal I need to reach even if it is just light walking. Reasons I need exercise.

1. movement in my legs helps with the pain in my legs
2. exercise is good for the endocrine system - it helps level off blood sugar
3. exercise is great for depression, anxiety, and just over-all well being

Exercise is definitely forward motion.

I guess that is a great way to look at things. Is this forward or backward motion? Eating ice cream. Back ward motion. Gardening. Forward motion. Sleeping all day. Back ward motion. Playing my original songs at an open mic night. Forward motion. There will always be both forward and backward motion in life, I suppose the goal is to find the right balance and aim for as much more forward motion as you can muster.

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