Friday, June 28, 2013

More Great Health News

The scale has been my arch enemy for so long, it is such a nice change for it to become a friend who lets me know how good I am doing. Sean excitedly woke me up this morning to tell me he weighed himself and he was down to 260 lbs!!! That means he has lost 43 lbs! More importantly when we went to the doctor on Wednesday his blood pressure had gone down from 160 to 118 since about 6 months ago. AMAZING. Simply awesome. I've also noticed an improvement in his outlook. He is hopeful. I don't know how many therapy session I sat and lamented how much I wanted to help Sean, but I know I cannot change a person. All I wanted from him was some hope. I knew hope was the first step in getting healthy. Although you cannot change a person, you can support a person. I am glad I did not give up on Sean. He is doing so much better and in turn, the better he is doing the better I do, because I am less worried and focused on him and more able to focus on me and my health. I am down to 246.8, meaning I have lost 36.2 lbs,. I also lost another inch, for a total of 14 inches lost in the 12 weeks I've been taking my measurements. My blood pressure at the doctor was also down to 111/73 from 122/80. Sean was on the verge of being put on blood pressure medication. Now that is no longer an issue. I strongly believe that simply changing the way you eat is the best medicine. If you go to the doctor they will try and treat the symptoms instead of focusing on the cause. And sure a doctor will say "you should lose weight", but they can't make you lose weight - only you can. In my opinion persistence is the key to weight loss. There will be times you fall off your diet. Just get back on the next day. You can start over a hundred times if you have to, as long as you keep going. You will lose weight, even if it is slower than you would like. Trust me, after the weight is off you won't care how long it took.

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