Friday, October 11, 2013

How I Lost 64 LBS So Far

It is hard to imagine going from this....135 lbs.

To this.....283 lbs.

To fight an upward battle that I have been fighting for the past decade. I am proud of each and every one of the 64 lbs I have lost over the past year. Here is a most recent picture at about 125 lbs.
As of today I am down to 219 lbs. So how does a person who has PCOS, metabolic syndrome, interstitial cystitis and sever depression achieve something like this?
I must have tried everything. Every diet. Every exercise plan. Every medication. It felt like if I even looked at food I gained weight. It was a nightmare. I gained weight so fast and uncontrollably, that almost every month I would have to buy bigger clothes. Now I have the opposite problem. My clothes are too big, and that is okay with me.
It seemed like I would be able to stick to a diet for about 3 months, lose 20-30 lbs and then give up and gain the weight back -plus more of course. Last fall, my husband and I came down with Mono. For three months we were sick. So sick in fact I ended up losing my job. We each lost about 30 lbs. However by May of 2013 I had gained 15 lbs back and was back up to 165 lbs. That is when I joined this website.
I learned a lot about PCOS, and I used the knowledge I gained to come up with a healthy and holistic way to get control back. The first step was radical changes in the way I eat. Six days out of the week, I eat low glycemic. Meaning I don't eat processed carbs and stick pretty much to organic lean meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and whole grains in moderation. On day seven I eat whatever I want. I think having that cheat day has helped me not give up. If I have a craving I eat it. I don't beat myself up over it. I just have a small portion and move on. I also take organic supplements from NewChapter. If you buy them at the health food store they easily cost $80, but if you buy them on they only cost around $30. I take a women's multi vitamin, fish oil, and calcium supplements since I don't eat much dairy. As far as medications, I am off of Metformin and the Pill. I take spironolactone to combat my high testosterone levels. I take lamictal for my depression. Xanax for my anxiety/panic disorder. And Adderall for my hypersomnia. I have found a beautiful balance. It took two years and over a dozen different medication combinations to find something that worked for my severe depression and anxiety. If you suffer from mental illness, like I do, don't give up. Mental health is so important. Let go of the stigma and get help, and don't give up until you get healthy!
So since May 2013, I have lost 46 lbs in around 5 months. At first it was hard. My body was fighting losing weight. My PCOS was hanging on for dear life. But, I didn't give up. There would be times the scale would not move, and times I would weigh less each day I weighed myself. There is no right or wrong way to lose weight. You have to find what works for you. I know that since I started eating low glycemic, my sugar craving are all but gone. In fact at this point I pretty much have to force myself to eat a cheat meal.
I have set a goal finally. I want to lose a total of 100 lbs. I truly believe this is something I can do. I am motivated and I am ready. I will keep you updated on my progress. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and cheered me on through this big life change.

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