Monday, December 27, 2010

Just Say No To New Year's Resolutions

Every year after the holidays millions of American make New Year's Resolutions. Now I am no scientist, but if I were to estimate I would say that 95% of resolutions fail. Also, I would guess that 95% of people make the same resolution every year. I am done with New Years Resolutions and I think maybe we should all be done with them. Over the next month millions of Americans will spend billions on gym memberships, diet foods, exercise equipment, stop smoking aids, info mercial gimmicks, self help books, etc. etc. etc. The only people who win are the people selling the stuff.

Change is not going to happen over night. Change doesn't come once a year in a spurt of national motivation. Change happens every day any day of the year. Change is deciding on this random Tuesday that I will work out that I will eat healthy. Change is making new habits slowly over time.

So I say to all my loved ones about to start their 50th new fad diet - Don't Do It. Stop and think about your life. Think about how many times you have tried and failed. Maybe its a sign. You know they say the definaition of stupidity is to try the same thing over and and over expecting a different outcome. So stop trying the same things over and over that don't work and figure out what does work. I will almost gaurantee you it isn't a fad diet or  it isn't a gimmick on tv. If there were a magic diet or a magic pill or machine that worked then we would all be skinny. But, we aren't - are we? It's not about what you do one month out of the year it is about what you do 365 days a year. If you take in more calories on average that you burn you will gain weight. So figure out a way to make small sustainable changes over the whole of the year instead of trying to fix it all one month out of the year. Remember change is a process and slow change is the best change. Good luck to you all!

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