Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I don't know what is the more frustrating part of PCOS. There are many crappy things, but I think the most frustrating for me at least at this moment is gaining weight even though I am dieting. Yes, it is true women with PCOS become insulin resistant and go into what is called Metobolic Syndrome and they will gain weight even when they stick to diet and/or exercise plans. Now 2 weeks ago the weight gain started right about the time I started my new quadrupel strength estrogen/progesteron pill. Now in theory this pill is supposed to help, but in the meantime it is turning me into a crazy woman who is apparently also gaining weight. So now I am in survival mode. I am just trying not to gain weight. I don't know how long until my body adjusts to this pill. I would think 1-3 months, but I will ask my dr. the next time I speak to her. Having PCOS you have to find a magic balance in order to lose weight. I've done it in the past, but it is really hard. I haven't lost faith and I don't plan on stopping the slow carb diet but I just wanted to vent how frustrating it is to be eating so healthy and still be gaining weight. Welcome to the world of PCOS.

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