Friday, September 2, 2011

Post 104.... Signs of Inspiration

I had one hell of a week. I left by doctors office Monday thinking I was having surgury to remove either cycsts or my ovaries all together, to today being humbled and grateful the ultrasound revealed nothing except my normal multitude of small cysts. No surgury for now. I follow up with a specialist on Monday the 12th after thinking I wouldn't be able to see one until Nov. 7th. Then last night a woman overheard me talking to her friend about my situation and she said "you see those two beautiful little blond headed girls. I had them when I was 33 and 35 and I have PCOS. And I was a lot heavier than you at the time." I didn't know what to say. I really can't express how much those kind of stories give me hope and signs of inspiration. Even from friends of facebook I know of women with PCOS who have been able to have kids. The women even told me she couldn't take the metformin, it was just too hard for her stomach to handle, and she still had 2 little girls. I feel inspired not to give up hope. That when I am ready, hopefully I can start trying right after Dec. 2012 (which would be Jan 2013) after Sean and I finally have our wedding ceremony. I'd start earlier but I'd like to look good in my wedding dress. So that would make me 29. And I would have been preparing my body for a full year and a half to get primed and ready. LOL I sound like a racehorse or something. I think when you can't find inspiration within yourself you have to ask God to show you and look around and you will see Hope all around.

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