Saturday, September 3, 2011

post 105 ....The Pain Went Away

Well as of yesterday the pain went away. I am sure it will come back, it always does. Almost monthly and at randoms times during the month. They describe it like labor pains or like you are roller skating and you fall flat on your ass. My mother equates is to the pain she had with her gallbladder. I don't know how you want to describe it other than it starts with a cripple over stab in the stomach fall to the ground and then you hurt for up to a week. And then it goes away. Sounds to me like a ruptured cyst. And I think my Dr. is right probably a big one. But, we didn't catch it on the last ultrasound. The way my Dr. described it, when you have large cysts they rupture but the sac remains and will fill up with fluid again and rupture again. And then repeat. I was happy I was able to work yesterday. I am thankful I get to see the specialist on Sept 12th. I'd like the pain to go away forever. Is that too much to ask? My mom and I were joking trying to make light of the situation and we decided that the pain was good cause it meant my ovaries are still there. I love my mom. Talking to her during this time has meant the world to me. Pain is our body telling us something is wrong. Just like pain is our minds way of telling us something is wrong. I've got enough pain in my body and my mind to last me a lifetime, but every day I am working at chipping away at that pain. I don't expect to ever be pain free. It's not about perfection, its simply about progress. One day at a time.

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