Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Amazing Video About Weight and Insulin Resistance

This video is truly amazing. What touches me most about the video is how he talks about how he was "doing everything right". Like him, and many women with PCOS, I worked out daily and I spent 90% of my time on a diet. Yet I couldn't stop gaining weight. I went to doctors, in fact I went to a freaking endocrinologist, who told me I just needed to lose weight. What Dr. Attia is saying here is what I believe to be the truth. In America we have an epidemic far greater than obesity, we have an epidemic of insulin resistance that is causing people not just to be overweight and obese but to have serious life threatening and life altering sub-diseases. For me the key is eating low-glycemic and exercising. And not just low-glycemic to lose weight, I plan to eat low-glycemic forever. Because once I do lose this weight I want to keep my insulin regulated and my hormones at healthy levels. That old myth that a calorie is a calorie is WRONG. Just look at us. We are fat. We are sick. And we don't know why. I hope the medical profession keeps going in this direction. Let's treat the cause and not the effect. Let's prevent this from happening to future generations. Imagine the money that would be saved from insulin resistance/ obesity related medical claims. Imagine the quality of life that would improve! Just imagine.

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