Thursday, July 11, 2013

Status Update: Casey 38 PCOS 95

I've been keeping track on my weight loss and my battle with PCOS. As of right now the score is Casey 38 pounds lost and PCOS 95 pounds to go until I reach my normal healthy weight. I am getting there. It was Casey 0 PCOS 133. Yes in a matter of only a couple of years I let my PCOS get so out of control I gained 133 lbs. Crap, I used to weigh 133 lbs just 7 years ago. In this case, two Casey's is not better than one. But as of today it is Casey 38 and counting! My wedding is roughly 20 weeks away. My intermittent goal is to lose another 20-40 lbs in the next 20 weeks. It is always important to keep the BIG GOAL in the back of your head, but smart to keep small achievable goals along the way.

 To me, every single pound is a milestone. Every day I eat healthy and exercise is a milestone - a reason to celebrate. If all you focus on is "the big picture" it will seem so far away it will be hard to stay motivated. Would I kill to be back down to 150 lbs wearing a size 8, um yeah - duh! But I don't judge my success on simply reaching that one goal. Getting down to 245 is awesome. I never thought I would say that I am ecstatic to be down to 245, but when you weighed 283 - 245 IS awesome!

In a very strange way, I am grateful for this horrible experience. Never again will I take for granted being a normal size. If you wear anything smaller than a size 14, and you want to complain about being fat, then you need to balloon up to a size 22 and learn to shut your winy mouth up! You're happiness with your body is completely relevant on your perception and experience. You don't have to be miserable and feel fat or ugly at any size. You can choose to be confident in who you are and how you look. It is completely up to you. If I wake up in a bad mood and choose to feel fat or ugly that is my problem and mine alone. Same goes for you. So be grateful for the body you have and treat it right! The biggest lessons I have learned from my battle with PCOS is gratitude and acceptance. Try it, it does a body good.

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