Friday, July 19, 2013

The Number One Secret to Sustained Weight Loss - Patience

We live in a world of immediate gratification. We want to watch a TV show - we want it on demand. We are hungry - we drive through fast food. We want a new car - we buy it in credit without saving any money to put down. We want to talk to someone - we send a text. We go on a diet - we want results ASAP! But when it comes to real weight loss, the kind that stays off, the truth is that sometimes slower is better.

The first week I went on my healthy eating plan I gained 5 lbs. Did it urk me? um yes. Did I give up? no! And for the first two months my weight loss was very slow. Sometime just 1 lb per week. And I am fine with that. Then something amazing happened and I have started dropping up to 5 lbs a week. I don't know why, but I don't care. I will take it. I am down to 240 lbs. Meaning I have lost 43 lbs in total. I know I will hit plateaus along the way. There will be weeks where I will lose no weight or even gain a couple of pounds. But I know that due to hormones weight fluctuates. I accept this as just a part of the process. I know that as I start exercising more and more, the pounds might come off slower because I am building muscle, but I will see the results when I take my measurements. Or they might come off faster. the point is, I don't know. And while I can control what I put into my mouth, I don't have any control (especially having PCOS) in how long it will take my body to lose the weight I need to lose.

Of course the best way to get through the journey of weight loss is to make it a life change.

In a life change you have to be realistic. Cheat days are , in my opinion, an important part of getting through this long term change. Here is a list of things I believe help with "patience" and staying motivated and eating healthy. 

  • cheat days so you don't cheat and binge but learn how to get on and off the wagon and keep going
  • keeping track of your progress on a calendar - both weight and inches lost 
  • making small intermittent goals
  • celebrating every pound or inch you lose 
  • have support - have people you can turn to when things get tough
  • don't set yourself up for failure - realistic goals are the key
  • read ! follow blogs, joing support groups, get involved 
  • above all else just remember that wars are won one battle at a time, you may lose a battle but that doesn't mean you won't win the war!!!

Do Not Give Up! I didn't and I am so grateful. I am finally seeing real positive changes in my body. Had I gotten upset the first week when I gained 5 lbs or the first couple of month that my body was fighting losing weight, I never would be here today celebrating losing over 40 lbs. I am changing my life one day at a time.

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