Saturday, August 3, 2013

Still Winning By Losing

The past couple of weeks have been very productive. I am gearing up to start a new job soon, and I am very excited to go back to work. July was a month filled with a lot of vacations. We went to Las Vegas and we went to Rockport Tx. Amazingly Sean and I still managed to lose weight. The key that I keep talking about is moderation and allowed cheat days.

Sean is down to 258 from 303 for a total weight loss of 45 lbs.

I am down to 240 from 283 for a total weight loss of 43 lbs.

So what is next?

Sean and I are committed to continue working on working out. DDP Yoga is our main work out, though we plan to add more variety and intensity as we get stronger.

I have 17 weeks until my wedding and am hoping to lose 1-2 lbs per week so 17-34 more lbs before the big day. This should put me somewhere in the 200-225 lb range for the wedding. It is great motivation.

I will be getting full blood work done soon, so I will have a new read on my hormone and cholesterol levels to judge how my PCOS is doing. I will update those as soon as I know the outcome.

Mostly right now we are focused on moving forward and getting stuff done. I have had great luck with my current depression medications and regular therapy. It took two years and over a dozen different drugs to find the right combo for me, so if you are struggling don't give up. Even if you lose almost everything, like I did, you can still bounce back, like I also did. Just don't ever give up.

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