Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Kiss of Death

The words I have feared my entire life have finally been spoken......

"You have such a pretty face"

Why? Oh universe why did I have to hear these words. OK so you may wonder: Casey - why do you care if someone compliments you in such a way? Well lets break it down. There is a difference between "You are so pretty" and " You have such a pretty face". "You are pretty" means well that in general all around you are easy on the eyes. "You have such a pretty face" means well .....well..... it means you have potential to be very pretty if it weren 't for the fact that you are fat. Ok so yes, I can hear how petty I sound, and don't worry I write this post with a definitate undertone of sarcasm. But, I am not going to lie why I admit I cringed a bit when the compliment was given. I smiled. I said thank you. But, inside the skinny girl in me cried a little tear of loss.

I think it is best  maybe I write a short list of things not to say to an overweight person.

1. You have such a pretty face.  (and the rest of me buddy - what? not so much?)
2. Wow you've lost soooooooo much weight. (really thanks I didn't realize just how fat I was)
3. Oh my god I am so fat I weight 140 lbs (says the skinny bitch to the girl who is over 200 lbs)

Keep in mind we fat people might have more cushioning but that doesn't mean we don't have feelings. LOL

So all a girl can do when she is faced at this sad milestone, is use it to motivate her more. I am happy to say I did not gain any weight over Thanksgiving, and I am planning on staying strict on my healthy eating plan until Christmas. It would be an awesome holiday miracle if I lost weight over the holidays!

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