Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Society and Weight

I think society needs to get its story straight. Society says it is shamefull to be overweight, yet society says the same about caring if you are overweight. Example you gain weight you say to people "I am so unhappy I feel awful" to which they instinctually reply " you shouldn't care what anyone thinks" or " you look good big" or "don't say that, its what's on the inside that counts". Meantime there are 20 infomercials on each night telling you how your dreams can come true if you buy/use their machine/product. The diet and exercise industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. And those same people who weigh more than 50 lbs less than you later can't help but mention how they themselves would love to lose a few pounds. C'mon world we've got to get our stories straight. How can something be not ok and ok at the same time? I told our therepist that I gained 80 lbs in two years which was caused by PCOS and that I don't feel pretty anymore, to which she replied "but Sean still thinks you are pretty". Is that supposed to fix the problem? The problem isn't Sean, the problem is me. I don't feel pretty. Sean can think I am the Queen of Sheba, but that isn't going to change my self image. I don't know the secret to feeling better about myself. I don't think a lot of us do. That is probably why there are a million self help books out there. When I say this is a journey, man am I ever not kidding.

On a positive note. The Slow carb diet has been going well. On an unexpected, yet positive, note I have found that cutting carbs has pretty much gotten rid of the stomach problems I was having with the Metformin. This is good because now I am more likely to actually take my medication 3 times a day like I am supposed to. The slow carb diet is strange in a way because you have to get used to weight fluctuations due to the once a week cheat day. The first week I lost 4 lbs. Then after cheat day I gained 2 lbs back and now I am still waiting for that weight to drop off and to lose more. I don't expect to lost 4lbs every week. I would be thrilled with 2 lbs per week. And, now that I have discovered the added benefits of my stomach feeling better I plan on sticking with this way of eating for a long time. At least until I am healthy enough to get off of the Metformin. Oh that will be such a happy day. I appreciate medication for the wonderful things it can do, but most medications have side effects and Metformin for me has been the worst medication for side effects I have ever taken.

So just to re-cap. Society is strange. Metformin is bad. And the slow carb diet is good.

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