Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eating Healthy - Eating In vs. Eating Out

Sean and I were "discussing" the cost of eating healthy. Sean and I grew up in two different worlds. My world was full of home cooked meals, no soda, no junk. We weren't rich, and my mom pinched pennies and clipped coupons like a pro. Always had her calculator out to decipher which was cheapest by the ounce. Sean grew up on more cheap foods. Ramon was a staple. Hamburger helper.Beans and rice.  Fast food when they could afford it. ( I would have been so jealous as  a child). So in these tough economic times, when we are all looking to save where we can the question arose - what is really gets you the most bang for the buck? Eating out costs Sean and I on average $30-50 at a sit down restaurant. Going through a drive through cost us $10-20. So eating out 3 nights a week is $150. Driving through 5 times a week is another $100. So that's $250, plus whatever small amount of food we have laying around the house. I'd estimate $300-350 a week on food for 2 people. I went through our recent transactions on my debit and credit cards and 70% were food. So we decided ok it is time for a change. It is no secret we both need to lose a large amount of weight. We have both had success in the past only to fall. We have also tried every "diet" out there. Really what I have decided is the smart way to eat is as follows:

1. eat lots of lien protein with every meal
2. limit carbohydrates, and when you do eat carbs eat high fiber carbs because at least they are more filling
3. Don't deny yourself any food. If you have a craving so bad then have a little. But be conscience of the portion size.
4. veggies veggies veggies
5. fruit is good but should be more of a dessert than part of the meal because it is very high in sugar
6. Remember " A calorie in a calorie out" if you want to lose weight you've got to eat less calories than your body is burning and lastly
7. Exercise. Our ancestors didn't sit on their butts 8 hours a day then go home and sit on their butts until they fell asleep. No they worked physical jobs. They walked places. You have to find exercise you find fun, but we've all got to do it. Walking, biking, dancing, yoga, whatever - just do it. I think (even though I am not in good enough shape yet to do this) we should all probably aim for an hour of "exercise" a day.
8. if you have PCOS and you are taking medications like Metformin then take your medication. Don't stop cause you want to cheat. If you cheat let the medicine make you sick. You will be less likely to cheat the next time.

And that is my unlicensed unprofessional opinion on what works. So today Sean and I spent about $200 at Sun Harvest, Sam's and H-E-B stocking up on enough food and snacks to last us the entire week so that we should not have to venture from our home when we get hungry. Or call the guy who delivers either. $350 vs. $200 is big savings. And, you get much more bang for your buck, Because the food is healthy. So let's see how this up coming week goes and if Sean and I can resist the temptation of fast food, take out and dinner's out. This is our goal for the week.

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  1. I like the way you're thinking!

    I've found that, with less money to spend on food, we eat a lot healthier. I'm very proud (and relieved) to be able to feed a family if 5 for a week on $100. Sometimes less. Dinner usually costs around $10 for all of us. It takes work and creativity but it is SO worth it!

    Proud of you! Stick with it. And let me know if I can help!