Thursday, August 11, 2011

Creating a Low Stress Environment

Stress. Baby you know I got it. I love these tips so much I have them tacked up on the wall in my kitchen.

1. Have a predictable schedule.
2. Maintain a calm atmosphere in the home.
3. Avoid excessive stimulation in the home (frequent visitors, loud music, etc.)
4. Practice calming activities ( quiet music, lit candles, etc)
5. Ignore the annoying but unimportant things (pick your battles, don't sweat the small stuff)
6. Define clear expectations for every family member.
7. Share family rituals (exercise together, church, meals)
8. Schedule and participate in regular family meetings to discuss issues as they arise.
9. Use your support networks and take breaks from each other.

Warning Signs of Increasing Stress

1. Significant changes in your sleep patterns.
2. Significant changes in your eating habits.
3. Skipping your medications.
4. Increased levels of agitation.
5. Increased depression and/or mood swings.
6. Social withdrawal from the family.
7. Increase in arguments or fighting.
8. Change in interest in intimate relationships.

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