Saturday, October 9, 2010

268 days to go // 97 down

It has been almost a week since I started the calorieking web site. So far I have learned a couple things. I often don't eat enough, I eat too many carbs and I still drink too much wine. Now good news. I went back up from 217 to 221 in September (how I still really don't know), but I have gotten back down to 218. so that is still 13 lbs lost in 97 days. I know that isn't an amazing amount of weight, but I keep telling myself if I keep trucking along it will add up in the end. If I stayed on the exact pace I have been on for the past 97 days after 1 year I will have lost 49 lbs. My ultimate goal for the year is 52. I am 25% to my goal.  I think keeping a food journal, like calorie king, is such an important thing to do. It keeps you accountable, and it prevents you from eating too much or too little. I am hoping that in the next couple of weeks I can have some happy results to post.

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