Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Living With PCOS

I guess I have "lived " with PCOS for years, but now I am really "living" with PCOS. Nothing is more frustrating than the 6 years I spent being bounced from dr. to dr. only to be told different things. I had an endocrinologist who said I was just fat. So I lost weight. Then I had a dermotologist tell me my hair was falling out because I lost weight. When I was finally diagnosed with PCOS by a reproductive endocrinologist about a year ago I was told to come back when I was ready to have kids. So I spend a year not treating or dealing with my PCOS and things just got worse. I gained another 30-40 lbs and I felt miserable inside and out. I hid. I stopped going out in public unless I had to. I distanced myself from friends. Finally I was able to get a dr. who offered treatment options. I now take numerous pills a day, I eat right, and I exercise.

I take metformin for blood sugar regulations.
Spironlocatone to reduce the testostorone in my system.
Mononessa for estrogen.
I take a Multi Vitamin, Cinnomin, Biotin, and Fish Oil.
And I use Rogaine every day like some kind of 50 year old man.

I don't have the option anymore to not care. I am thisclose to developing adult onset diabetes. I will lose my hair. I will not be able to have kids. I dont' want any of that. I find myself sometimes feeling sorry for myself. What did I do to deserve all of this? But we all have things that are not fair in our lives, and we also have things that are amazing gifts. Intellegence, beauty, talent -- I would like to think I posses those qualities. So I focus on what I do have to be thankful for. Also, by living this very healthy lifestyle, in the big picture I may end up healthier and happier than if I never had PCOS to begin with. How Ironic.

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