Saturday, August 7, 2010


I am super pleased to say that I lost 3 lbs this week. That bring my grand total after 4 weeks to 8 lbs! That is awesome. My goal was only to lose 1 lb per week - so I am rocking! I have decided to adopt many of the practices that the PCOS diet recommends, but I am not going to go on it like a diet. I don't want to do "diets" any more or ever again. I want to slowly change the way I eat over time. One of the things I am doing is switching from regular coffee to green tea. I am also going to switch from Splenda to Stevia. I am going to try to not eat rice, pasta, potatoes, or wheat as much as possible, but I am not going to ban them from my diet. Every once in a while I really like a sweet potato or a piece of whole grain toast, and so, I will have one. What I am going to kick from my diet forever is processed carbs. Those things are so un-natural and full of sugar, our bodies were never designed to eat foods like that. I also am still showing a body fat percentage of 46%. I know that in order to lower my body fat percentage to 35% or less I will have to focus more on exercise, both cardio and strength training. I am still trying to get adjusted to the medications, which make me weak and nauseous, but as soon as I start feeling like my normal self I am going to make that a priority. Plus the exercise will help me to keep making the great progress I have been making.

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