Monday, July 5, 2010


There really isn't anything special about turning 27, but for whatever reason I have decided this will be my year of change. There really isn't one particular thing I want to change, but rather I see change as an all encompasing effort to become a better person. Change starts from within yourself. Obviously you have to be unhappy with something or maybe just unhappy in general, but there is something inside yourself that recognizes that things could be better. I think the biggest mistake people make when they want to change is looking around themselves for their reason. They want to change to impress someone or some people. They think their problems are a direct result of the people around them. Or they think they got dealt a short hand in life. Really, change is recognizing in yourself that you yourself need to fix something. Maybe it is the way you perceive your life or the people around you. Maybe it is simply making better choices. I know one of the biggest things I need to change is my ability to forgive. That includes not only those people I hold petty grudges against, but also to forgive myself. Life is too short to hurt on purpose. And really that is all anger is - hurting on purpose. I need to focus on cultivating the positive things in my life. My talents my abilities won't grow unless I tend to them. Sometimes I think the scariest thing in life is taking a chance on a dream. What if I fail or worse what if I succeed ? What will happen? I think often people get complacent in trying half ass, because it is safe. You get used to not discovering your full potential and failure becomes the norm. I know that I am sick, but I can't stop living my life just because some doctors are taking longer than I would like to diagnose me. I have seen my hair loss and weight gain as a reason to hide from the world. How pathetic that is! No matter what kind of cards you have been dealt in life you should appreciate every moment even if they are not under the circumstances you would like. Change can happen. I will make this change happen.

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