Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have never been good at the waiting game - you know that thing known as patience. Not one of my virtues. Maybe God said "I will make her a really good singer, but to balance her out I will make her grumpy and impatient". I don't know. So my last dr. appointment was June 21st. Granted there was a holiday in the middle there, I would really like to hear something back from my lab work. I have called twice. Each time the nice lady on the end of the line say the dr. is reviewing the results and will get back to me. Ok. I can respect needing time to properly review and research. I can only assume that if something were really wrong they would have called me by now, so I will be optimistic. I must remember I have been seeing doctors for 6 years about the same thing, and no one yet has put a finger on it. Extreme weight gains, hair loss, the estrogen levels of a 90 year old, weakness, depression, increasing joint pain, and stomoch pains are my main symptoms.

So far after 3 days of healthy eating I must say that I do have a noticeable increase in energy. However, today my stomach is really bothering me. It is like a slow burn in my gut. It could have been the coffee I had this morning, I am not sure. I do have Gastritus. Who knows.

So I wait. wait. wait. wait. wait............

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