Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When Do We Choose To Be Happy ?

What is the secret to happiness? Is it money?Is it love? Is it adventure? I think the secret to happiness it choosing to be happy no matter what you have or life gives you. Case in point. I can remember back so many times, when I was younger and man do I ever wish I was as thin as I was when I thought I was fat. Picture a size 4 128 lb girl 20 years old buying slim fast at the grocery store. I remember this lady behind me took it upon herself to tell me that I didn't need to diet that I looked great. I can remember appreciating the compliment, but of course I still bought the slim fast. She was older and wiser and I should have listenend to her, but what 20 year old listens to anyone. See happyness is relative. It isn't contigent upon an exact set of circumstances. One person could be very happy making $30k per year while another person is miserable and in debt making $100k per year. Trust me I take loan application all day - I know ! I don't want to be that person making $100k per year wishing I made more. If only I got a raise. If only I got a promotion. How happy I would be ! Of course until I got there and then I would spend more borrow more and appreciate less. Life is like that. If you don't stay concious you stop appreciate what you do have. You start putting pressure on yourself to get more to be more, and you become less and less content with the more you get. But it doesn't have to be that way. How ? Just learn to appreciate what you have. Take inventory of your life, all that you have achieved and all of your positive aspects. Stop for a while with the goals and the coveting and just enjoy what you have. We come into this world with nothing and we leave the same way - so what is the point ? Just be happy. Wake up every morning and make the choice to be happy! You will find the more content you are, the less you covet, the more good things come your way.

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  1. Very wise advice Casey. I like your perspective on the value we place on ourselves and our time here in life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. David Priest