Thursday, July 8, 2010

Goal #1

According to everything I am reading, in order to achieve change you must first make a goal. More so, you must define the goal specifically and it must be measurable. Also you must make a plan with steps to follow and incremental evaluations to follow your progress.

ok so here goes......

Goal # 1

To lose 50 lbs by my next birthday July 4th.

Incremental evaluations:

1 weigh in each week on Sundays with incremental goal of losing 1 lb per week.

Motivation : to be healthier.

Plan: clean eating. Little to No red meat - just fish or chicken. Little to no processed carbs. Lots of fruits and vegitables. Little to no fast food. Cook meals fresh daily. Lots of lean protein, beans, fruits, and vegitables. Eat when you are hungry, don't starve yourself, but also be concious of portion sizes. Very basic. Also - Exercise. (gradually work up as your body allows)

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