Saturday, July 10, 2010


I have this very strange habit, and I am really not sure where I picked it up. But, I like to buy lottery tickets in hopes that I will lose. My thinking is every time you lose it uses up some of your bad luck and karma and leaves better karma for more important things -- like your life.
Probably not what Bhuda had in mind, but its my own version.

People have all different kinds of superstitions and opinions. I have heard that bad things come in 3's. (but I have also heard that celebreties die in 3's so I think that knocks some vailidity off there) When it rains it pours. You get what you give. So basically we are all a little bit Bhuddist. Just kidding.

I do though strongly believe that your life is a direct result of your own actions and thinking. The attitude you have and the perceptions you make are just about as important as the choices you make. And, of course, it goes both ways. I see people (not unlike myself) who constantly go on and on about how un-fair life has been to them. How they can't catch a break. Or, they can't figure out why their relationship is going no-where when they want more so bad. Perhaps, really , life isn't that un-fair ....perhaps we just see it that way. And maybe, if we brought more positive choices and thinking into our lives we would see more positive outcomes. What is that corny BeeGee's song lyric - "if you give a little more than your asking for your love with turn the key " Ha Ha sadly that grossly high fallsetto voice does speak the truth. We aren't going to get from the world more than we put in. As soon as we realize that, and change our thinking, the world will respond.

So I decided to make this change and it is more than just losing some weight. It is about the journey to try and become a better person. Already I have seen positive things happen in my life for really no obvious reason, and I can only believe it must be karma. In fact I got a call on my day off from work, from my manager, saying I was getting a promotion at work. How awesome is that ? I am so thankfull. When your attitude changes, the world around you changes.

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